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March 15 2006 08:43

Gas Explosion Handbook

Here you can see a COMPLETE WEB-presentation of our Gas Explosion Handbook.

If you wish to buy the handbook on CD-ROM or paper copy (price: Euro 126 + shipping), please contact Christine.

As part of GexCon's contribution to the EU-project S2S - A Gateway for Plant and Process Safety, GexCon have now made the entire Gas Explosion Handbook accessible on their web site. S2S is a project dedicated to improving coordination of a number of separate efforts on improving safety particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME's). Making the Handbook available in its entirety is one step in this direction.

Now, enter the HTML version of Gas Explosion Handbook HERE!

If you wish to learn more about GexCon and our services, please consult this page.

Contact person: Řystein Larsen
Phone no: +47 55 57 42 29